Driving school reviews

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Wood Green Reviews

Would definitely recommend

Joycelyn was such a good instructor. I passed first time with her help. She prepared me for both my test and for driving after the test. She is friendly and encouraging, and her teaching was precise and informative. She explained concepts really well, and I felt confident after practicing with her.

I would definitely recommend her as an instructor as I didn’t have any other help but managed to pass after lessons with Joycelyn.
She prepared me for both my test and for driving after the test.

Wood Green Review

Joycelyn is a great teacher – she is friendly, and makes you feel at ease and comfortable in the car. Her lessons are well structured, and she works hard to help you correct any driving errors in order to make you a very capable new driver. Really good value, and flexible in timings – really recommended! Thank you for my pass Joycelyn!

Wanstead Review

It was a great success at my first attempt. An amazing experience with Joycelyn Driving School that I will not forget and recommend with 5 stars. She was able to assess my short comings, support my driving and teach me to be an excellent and safe driver through the limited time to the test day. Rentlessly and with confidence and knowledge, Joycelyn not only trains you but explain in depth the driving instructions, the codes, the routines in such a way its become a natural habit. I didn’t need luck with Joycelyn for instructor and I still hear her supports and encouragements every single time I step in a car.

Hendon Review

A big thank you to Joycelyn, who was an amazing driving instructor for me. Joycelyn gave me a lot of confidence in my driving, and went out of her way to help me in the areas that I struggled with. I took my test in June 2017 and passed first time. I would definitely recommend!

Borehamwood Review

Lessons with Joycelyn are constructive and enjoyable. She is a friendly person and an excellent teacher, making learning to drive a comfortable experience rather than stressful. Organised, efficient and funny, Joycelyn is an all round great instructor and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to start driving lessons. Passed 1st time!

More Borehamwood Reviews

After four driving instructors, Joycelyn has taught me not only how to drive safely but confidently. I would highly recommend! Thanks Joycelyn.

Barnet Reviews

Joycelyn offered more than you could ever ask for in a driving instructor. She was kind and friendly and explained in detail what each lesson was going to be based around. Her funny and charismatic nature made driving – a usually stressful experience, joyful and fun. Joycelyn has found the balance between being kind and understanding but stern when she needs to be, this in itself makes for an excellent driving instructor as I don’t think I would’ve passed FIRST TIME with out her! I am forever grateful for all that she did to help me pass and would strongly recommend her to anyone whose looking to start driving lessons.

Student reviews from Wood Green

I really enjoyed my lessons with Joycelyn! She was a great instructor; providing structure and clear objectives to each lesson. I felt like I was getting the most out of each lesson. Would definitely recommend! Thanks for making me feel confident in my driving!
Thanks again for all your support!

Client Review from Wood Green

“Joycelyn created a comfortable environment providing information and advice that made it easy to learn.”
Passed 1st time!

Few more reviews from Barnet

I had had over 40 hours with another instructor but didn’t feel confident until a study with Joycelyn.

Joycelyn gave me confidence and knowledge to pass the practical straight away.
I am so happy and would like to recommend people to study with Joycelyn.

Thank you very much, Joycelyn

Some more client reviews from Barnet

On the beginning I would like to Thank you very much Joycelyn for your patience!
Joycelyn is a friendly person open to help and understand your way to learn, I was struggling a lot on the beginning , but with her help I passed my drive test with 12 lessons of driving, she is the best instructor , having her funny ways to explain your mistakes and fixing them easily .

Being a heavily pregnant woman I wasn’t the easiest student but she knew how to support me and make me understand my driving mistakes 😊

I am very happy I had the honor being her student.

Thank you very very much Joycelyn!🤗🤗🤗

Driving test reviews from Wood Green

I passed 1st time with Joycelyn driving school. Joycelyn is an amazing instructor and really knows what shes talking about. She is professional and firm with a few laughs thrown in. I am so pleased I found Joycelyn, she completely put me at ease.

Thank you Joycelyn!

Client Review from Wood Green

I had the best experience learning to drive with Joycelyn.

Her style of teaching is friendly, clear and structured and she was completely mindful of the learner driver nerves that I had when I first started my lessons! She is also mindful and supportive of you if you have had a bad day (outside of driving) and will tailor your lessons to suit your needs to maximise your learning on that day.

The lessons follow the driving syllabus and Joycelyn provides you with reading, video resources and homework to help you on your driving journey.

I passed my driving test with 0 faults! Really happy that I was able to complete this journey with Joycelyn as my teacher. Would highly recommend Joycelyn Driving School to anyone!

Thanks for everything Joycelyn.

Few more reviews from Wood Green

Excellent instructor! Passed with a flawless test/ zero minors! Cannot recommend highly enough! I came to Joycelyn having had an extremely negative experience with my previous instructor and had to unlearn some very bad habits. She was amazing. She is patient, kind yet direct. If you don’t understand something, she will try every which way to clarify it for you so you understand not just what to do but why its important. Absolutely everyone remembers the teachers that made a difference in their lives and Joycelyn is one of them.